Saturday, 4 January 2014

Books Read 2009

 41. Books read in 2009...

 1. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (Non Fiction)(Oliver Sacks)
 2. Prodigal Summer (Barbara Kingsolver)
 3. Under the Net (Iris Murdoch)

 4. Cloud of Sparrows (Takashi Matsuoka)

 5. Spock Must Die (James Blish)
 6. Miss Garnet’s Angel (Salley Vickers)
 7. The Uncommon Reader (Alan Bennett)
 8. The Bell (Iris Murdoch)

  9. The Sixth Lamentation (William Brodrick)
10. The 19th Wife (David Ebershoff)
11. An Unofficial Rose (Iris Murdoch)
12. The Testament of Gideon Mack (James Robertson)
13. The Italian Girl (Iris Murdoch)

14. Mr Golighty’s Holiday (Salley Vickers)
15. The Nice and the Good (Iris Murdoch)
16. On Chesil Beach (Ian McEwan)
17. Frankie and Stankie (Barbara Trapido)

18. Iris: A portrait of Iris Murdoch (John Bayley)
19. Elementals (Short Stories) (A.S. Byatt)

20. In a Good Light (Clare Chambers)
21. The Diving Bell and the butterfly (Jean-Dominique Bauby)
22. Twentieth Century Short Stories (D.R.Barnes and R.F. Egford -Eds)

23. Footprints in the Sand (Sarah Challis)
24. Notes from an Exhibition (Patrick Gale)
25. The End of Mr. Y (Scarlett Thomas)
26. Dance, Dance, Dance. (Haruki Murakami)
27. Random Acts of Heroic Love (Danny Scheinmann)

28.Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)
29. Hey Nostradamus! (Douglas Coupland)
30. Lady Oracle (Margaret Attwood)

31.The House of Spirits (Isabelle Allende)
32. Polaris and Other Stories (Fay Wheldon)
33. Love of Fat Men (Helen Dunmore)

34. The Other Hand (Chris Cleave)
35. The Planet Dweller (Jane Palmer)
36. The Lollipop Shoes (Joanne Harris)
37. The Shack (WM Paul Young)

38. The Golden Child (Penelope Fitzgerald)
39. Coalescent (Stephen Baxter)
40. The Pilgrimage (Paulo Coelho)
41. Siberia (Ann Halam)

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